Zacosta Villa Hotel – what’s in a name?

zacosta-logo Tucked away in a quiet neighbourhood of the medieval UNESCO Old Town of Rhodes, opposite the Hamsa Bei Mosque yet a stone’s throw from the magnificent Palace of the Grand Masters and bustling market streets and restaurants of the thoroughfare of Socratous Street and its museums, Zacosta Villa Hotel awaits to welcome you through its stone arched doorway into the peaceful and relaxing bougainvillea clad courtyard.

But Zacosta is a hotel – not a villa rental…so why both titles in the name?  Let’s delve deeper.

First of all the name: Zacosta was the surname of Pier Raymond Zacosta, a Grand Master of Spanish origin in charge of the defenses of the Medieval City between 1461-1467.  When you stay at Zacosta Villa Hotel, pay close attention to the logo seen on the website, the plaque by the traditional postbox to the entrance of the hotel and embroidered onto the bathrobes…you’ll see the traditional colours of yellow and orange are taken from Pier Raymond Zacosta’s Coat of Arms, whereas the Maltese Cross and Fleur de Lis of the Villa Hotel’s logo are what links this property to its heritage and past—a clever symbiosis.

But why a villa and hotel?  Many have questioned this choice by owner John Pelidis and actually, the reason is very simple.  John is keen for his guests to experience the services of a hotel in Zacosta, but embody the look and feel of a villa. This is immediately felt as you enter the sun dappled, bougainvillea clad private courtyard where one can relax with a beverage and read or chat to fellow guests – the benefit being with only five suites, it has a personal feel.  The architecture and personal touches in each suite also lends to that intimate villa approach, with each suite individualized with artwork relating either to the owner’s Zimbabwean background – such as soapstone and woodcarving art – through to the original deeds of the property from the Land Registry created from the Italian occupation of Rhodes in 1912 – 1945. 
To put it simply, it ‘smells like a hotel, but tastes like a villa.

So come and experience pure Greek hospitality in traditional, understated luxury.  Zacosta is more than just a place to stay; it’s an experience to be had.